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Web Developer

I started tinkering with HTML and CSS in the mid-2000's, when knitting blogs were in their heyday. I could format text, add photos, and would persistently (and cautiously) adjust my Blogger Theme code to add custom banners with the image in just the right place. And that was about it until 2018.

UNC's Data Science Boot Camp, project 3. My group is divvying up tasks and I hear myself shout, "I'll make the website!"

The light bulb had switched on. I saw the path that has led here: my knitting and travel blogs opened the door to basic design. Digitally mixing music as a DJ taught me laser-focus to adjust songs pixel by pixel until the beats meshed perfectly. Producing dance events taught me about online marketing.

Fortunately I knew some enormously talented people who needed a web presence. They helped me develop my skills, and it's been an honor to help show off their work, as I hope I can do for you.

When I'm not engaged with web design I call and DJ contra dances, travel with my sweetie, knit, run, and take pictures of my cat (and head supervisor), Octavius.




President of the Napping Committee. Leader in environmental temperature monitoring.

Dedicated to work-life balance.

Enjoys hunting, napping, and sitting on books.

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