4 reasons

to hire a web designer
(and 2 reasons to hire me)

1.  the internet drives business

It's the internet age. Every business needs a website.

Well-built websites generate trust, trust generates business. 

I'll get you out there.

2.  You Have Better things to do

If you're here you're probably not passionate about web design. Why not spend your time doing the thing you're passionate about?

3.  It's tedious

Nudging boxes into just the right place, testing and re-testing usability and placement and mobile-readiness...

Fortunately for both of us, I love it.

4.  Templates are limited

They may not give you everything you're looking for.

I'll take the time to get to know you,

and build the site you really want.

5.  I have tools

Logo creation, brand development, video editing, finding your best photos and videos, and more --
I can do that, too.

6.  ...lots of tools

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, W3.CSS,

Python, SQL, WordPress, Wix, etc.

Don't know what those are? No problem. I do.

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